One incredibly fun splash pad in Phoenix, AZ - This project features multiple water spouts Lots to do in this wet and wild splash park in Gilbert, AZ Enjoy one of the best backyards on the block with this COMPLETE backyard splash pad design A fun splash pad in Scottsdale, it's no wonder that splash playgrounds are one of the most requested amenities Splash Pad in Chandler, we believe in making outdoor fun as safe as it is enjoyable This is one of Unique's feature projects in Mesa, AZ - lots of cool, refreshing fun Zero depth water play areas, splash parks, spray pads and pop-jet fountains are being built all over the metro Phoenix area Another image of all the fun kids can have on a splash pad Unlike a swimming pool, these wet play areas have little or no depth to the water, making them perfect for anyone who doesn't swim but wants to enjoy some cool, wet fun Add some fun toys and the splash pad fun is endless Add the splash pad experience to your backyard Some jets spray, some swirl, some dump water, some have jets that pop the water at different intervals Some spalsh pads have a combination of water features Splash pads can be a great swimming pool alternative or add on This splash pad in North Phoenix helps keep the basketball court cooled off Unique Companies can create a water play destination to enjoy for years to come Spray Pads and splash playgrounds can compliment any backyard design A low volume of water is stored in a tank without evaporation The water is recycled in a closed system which cleans, filters, and sanitizes itself during use Lots to do in this wet and wild splash park in Gilbert, AZ The low volume of water uses very little electricity to operate Splash Zone fun park for kids of all ages When it's out of season or out of use you can put your patio furniture on your Splash Pad and use it as a deck Little standing water, no life guard, no stress of monitoring yours or someone else's kids if you get distracted Take the kids to a vacation in your own backyard and save money and travel hassle Unlike a pool, the water is stored in an enclosed tank. This helps keep the water cool in the summer and warmer in the winter Splash Pads extend your season of fun in the water Splash Pads bring one of the latest trends in water fun to your own back yard No more hot summer days running through the sprinkler - splash pads bring the water park to your home Spalsh pads create a fountain of fun and excite the whole family Fully customize your Unique Splash Pad Kids love to splash in the fun Fun AND safe for all ages and increases your home and property values This Scottsdale backyard sports an incredible splash pad Spalsh pads and kids go hand in hand  This unique splash pad design enhances the entire backyard Close-up view of one of our Scottsdale splash pads. Be the coolest house on the block... with your own splash pad in your backyard A good way to beat the heat at your own splash pad or interactive water feature! A close-up view of the water jet in a custom made splash pad Behind the scenes of the splash pad