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Phoenix swimming pools Complete Phoenix Pool & Spa Portfolio – Unique Landscapes & Custom Pools has designed and remodeled some of the most incredible swimming pools in Phoenix. As a pool builder AND landscape company, we create THE premiere outdoor living experience. Check out some of our feature projects or look below for the “style” of swimming pool that you prefer!
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architectural pools phoenix Architectural Pools – Integrate the home design with the pool design and use the surrounding environment to tie all of the elements together. Architectural pools transform space, providing a visual balance between function and style.
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freeform pool Freeform Pools – Freeform pools provide a more relaxed and natural look. Through gentle curves, non-traditional shapes, natural rock around the perimeter and natural rock or stone built-in at various places around the pool, you can get the feel of a natural oasis!
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custom spas phoenix Phoenix Custom Spas – Let your cares wash away in your custom spa. Quality materials and craftsmanship ensure your spa will look great and function properly while giving you peace and tranquility day and night, season after season.
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swim up bar phoenix Swim-up Bars – Swim-up bars are a great way to add a resort-like experience to your backyard. They allow bathers to literally swim up to a stool for a snack or a drink or to just relax.
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splash pad Splash Pads – Unique Landscapes & Custom Pools is one of Arizona’s only pool builder AND landscape companies. Our expertise is not limited to landscaping in Arizona, and you’ll soon see that our design background can incorporate all aspects of swimming pools & water playgrounds.
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Swimming Pool Water Features Pool Water Features – A well-designed water feature is only secondary to a well-built one! As Phoenix pool builders and waterfall veterans, we have successfully built all aspects of outdoor water features – so don’t let anyone “experiment” with your landscaping project.
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